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You ask for comments on any forum problems being experienced.
A couple of days ago my ESET NOD32 anti virus software marked the forum web site as a serious risk, and for a period of about 24 hours I was flatly denied access. I tried all I could to get around this blockage but the anti virus software continued to state that I was denied access. The situation changed back to normal access for no apparent reason and with no explanation. 
I thought I was going to be permanently denied access and maybe I will be again.
Mike Swanton,  New Zealand
Hi Mike,

Sadly I have heard of this situation before and it isn't clear what causes it. What I can assure you is that the forum software doesn't change from day to day or week to week, but antivirus definitions do, so there is some possibility (small) that the definitions used by ESET may erroneously detect the forum as a threat.

Further, some antivirus web filters have protection policies that don't allow access to web pages with certain types of scripts. The dividing line between online forums (that you enter data into), real bank websites (that you enter passwords and other data into), phishing websites pretending to be forums and banks (hoping you'll enter passwords and other data into them) is probably quite messy when viewed purely from the user's machine.

I can't suggest disabling ESET or any other software, but you might take a look at the reasons it gives for blocking the site if it happens again and drop me a PM, or a direct email - just note down the email address that the forum sends you emails from and reply to that.


Use a ZR1

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