2nd. batch DX/DY/A Steering Connection Rod Springs
For Sale: 2nd. batch of Steering Connecting Rod conicall springs.

Remedy for Steering 'shimmy/wobble' on DX/DY and A series models.

I now have the 2nd. batch of re-manufactured new conical springs to fit in the Steering Connecting Rod Assy.
Springs are approx. 3/8 inch (9 mm) in length (as per spec.) - manufactured from 2.2 mm diam. high carbon spring steel (BS5216 ND3) - Price: £10 each inclusive of 1st. class postage and packing ( 2 off springs to a set).
Instructions on how to remove, replace and set-up the conocal springs in the Steering Connecting Rod included, if required.

A set of these replacement conical springs fitted to my 1935 DX Steering Connecting Rod, due to the car suffering from steering 'shimmy/wobble at the time, has proved to be successfull with no further evidence of steering 'shimmy/wobble' to date.

Contact: Keith Jones (VOC member 039-2015)
Tel.: 02380 813412
Mob.: 07860 612423
E-mail: flying8uk@yahoo.co.uk
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