On the road again!
On friday ,after many months of being immobile my 12/4 started up , and I was able to drive her for the very first time.
My very grateful thanks go to Chas for all his trouble in helping me with the necessary parts and sending them out to me. With new timing gear, oil pump and rebuilt petrol pump fitted and a few anxious moments she started. Despite not idling too smoothly because the carb' seems to needs some attention, vacuum diaphragm not working and an odd thing with the distributor because she now has 12v electricals, I was able to drive around quite happily and even attended a track day with my son that I had been invited to along with other oldies.
Yesterday my wife and I went to our local flea market , a round trip of roughly 15 miles in her.
I now have to see what I can do about her "knock knees" and gearbox which is really not good.
In September my wife and I are joining a week long tour around the coast and I have to have her running in tip top form by then!
Attached are photos of her with her engine back in place and standing on Saturday at the track next to a 1935 Terraplane

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Happy motoring, the car already looks like it's in great condition.
Thanks given by: Peter Weddepohl

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