GY Ignition Switch
Thanks for that info Andy, as I said I assumed that all the switches were the same and interchangeable, just different labelling.

As the GY Convertible is only one of two in existance, and even those are early and late spec cars and so are different I am going to do all I can to make sure the car is as accurate as possible to the original, therefore if I cannot find a correct switch I will doctor up a later one to look identical to the early one.

My friend with the 39 GY sedan who currently needs a switch to get his car back on the road may not be quite as fussy but at least we are learning lots and getting options to work with.

My first GY (37 sedan) I bought in 1974 and as a young bloke it got "improved". Part of this were fitting driving lights (ASX headlights), radio, brighter headlight globes, etc, etc all loading up the electrics. To compensate I upped the charge rate on the third brush generator so it charged too high on High, pretty good on Low and just about right with the lights on. I just ran during the day either on Low or with the sidelights on which gave me a well charged battery and night driving usually coped ok unless I had an "all nighter" which left it pretty low the next morning.

I am thinking of looking into getting a modern alternator built into the original generator housing to alleviate these problems. I know a few companies are doing this but not sure if they already do one to suit the GY.

Oh, so much to do and so little time.

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Re your hard pressed electrics; have a look at <> I feel sure there must be firm in Oz who will do the same. It would be a pity to put an alternator in and spoil the original look.
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Hi Chris,

I was not going to fit an alternator as such (just the thought of that horrifies me!), I was thinking of a Dynalite unit. This looks identical to the original C45 generator in every way but is actually an alternator internally. The original genny put out 25w and the Dynalite puts out 40w. Another advantage is a weight saving of around 50%.

You still use the original Lucas cut out and fuse box assy but the cut out is removed (no longer needed) and make a minor change to the original wiring inside. Also the high and low positions in the lighting and charging switch are no longer required as it is all done automatically.

This means that externally nothing looks different but everything works much better.

They are dearer than a standard Generator at around $800 (360 pound) but really with the limited mileage the car is likely to be doing It will probably be a matter of fit it and forget it forever more.

As I said because of the rarity of this car I really want it to "look" 100% original factory. I am sure I can achieve this and still have some modern reliability built in to it so when I drive it I know I am going to get where I am going. I have even managed to find an original Air Chief factory correct radio for the car and will probably get that rebuilt with modern internals.

Such things as modern seals and bearings in the waterpump, electronic ignition, dynalite, etc are reasonably easily fitted with no external changes apparent. I have done these to my 1953 Velox Vagabond and have driven that towing a caravan all over Australia in the last few years with no real problems so far.

Thanks for your input, it all goes together to make a complete story eventually, and I enjoy the chance to "chat" with other fellow Vauxhall enthusiasts.

Cheers to all,

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