How to upload photos within threads?
Still struggling to find a way to upload photographs to the site - Any leads/
Colin Bolton
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Hello Colin,

I'll write a guide, essentially it's via the full posting screen (not the quick reply) and there's a button at the bottom that will let you attach a file. It helps though if you first resize the photos to something like 640x480 or 800x600 pixels so that they will fit on the average user's screen.

It'll take me a little while as I need to cover the photo resizing bit as well, but I'll do it and then hopefully it will be useful to everyone else too. Smile

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Here's the How To...

There are a number of different methods, but consider them all to equate to the following three steps:

1) Upload a photo to a web-accessible location (this can be a web site, a photo hosting site, file sharing server etc.)
2) Take a note of (copy) the link address (probably starting http://www. .......)
3) Paste (or type) the link address into a forum post and include the following tags either side of it with no spaces: [ img]address[ /img]
4) Submit your post into the forum and your picture should appear within.

Taking this in stages, uploading the image is easy enough - I will talk you through two options, one being to upload to the Club Photobucket account and the other being to upload via imageshack, both are free hosting websites that allow limited use without a fee.

Club photobucket

1) email your photos to this email address:
2) you should get a confirmation by email
3) navigate to the photobucket album:
4) locate your photo and click it to display on screen, to the right of the image there's a box that says 'share this photo', click the address inside the 'IMG code' box and it will say 'copied'
5) go back to this forum and in the post you want your picture to appear in, press CTRL-V (or edit -> paste from the menu) and you'll get the image code.
6) click 'Post Reply' or 'Submit' depending on which area of the forum you're in and your image should display.

Although you can email multiple photos at the same time to the address, you must post the links individually I'm afraid, so it's tedious uploading a whole album.

I'll add to this later. Smile

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