Hi Ian,

just wondering if I am able to look at the Flutenews issues you have scanned and uploaded?

I was a member from when the club was started (Ron Shier and I both had GY's Smile) until around the mid 90's. Several things combined to make staying a member unviable at the time Confused. I was able to see them when I was Librarian of the V.O.C.A. for many years but our club copy stopped being sent some time ago. (For a long time we exchanged newsletters.) I wrote to the editor for an explanation several times but did not receive a reply. I believe we still send ours each month.

I noted that you were scanning and uploading Flutenews but I cannot seem to find it anywhere here.

Cheers, Leigh.
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Hi Leigh,

I need to get my PC switched on and look up your membership status, sorry, I've been a bit preoccupied and missed a couple of new registrations lately.

We have two classes of forum membership; a basic level automatically available to all registrants and a fully open level that is reserved for Club Members.

I'm guessing you fall into the latter group and in that case I need to turn the key and let you in.

I'll get to it. :-)

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