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(17/10/2019, 09:18 AM)cbuk2011 Wrote:
(16/10/2019, 09:10 PM)DaveDX Wrote:
(16/10/2019, 06:23 AM)Chris Knapman Wrote:  What 'bits' are you looking for?

the fisrt few things i have noticed i need is a set of wipers and the arms and an air cleaner i have one but it fouls on the staberlising bar under the bonnet for the wipers
The stabilising bars which have adjustment screws incorporated are suppose to be for positioning the radiator surround and grill and adjusting its angle to match the bonnet. They do not work very well and merley twist the surround. We have found that if you remove the rods from the front and then bend them to fix near the top side of the surround they work very well for adjustment. Doing this you will also be able to retain your current air cleaner. See attached picture
Thank you 
that is the exact filter i have i will try tomorrow and do what you have described
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