Hub Caps D&G types.

The question of these Hub Cap skins has been going on for a long time now. Mike Swanton has been chasing the guy who is remanufacturing the caps but there have been frustrating delays. The chap now says there is a rib on the cap due to the manufacturing process (I think I know what he's talking about). Sounds like this cannot be eliminated, therefore the caps will not be as original. So -

Before committing myself to a large expenditure on tooling for hub caps in stainless steel.

I need to have an idea of the amount of caps that would be required for each model.

If you are interested, please state your model and quantity required so I can compile a wish list.

Email me to or send a PM.

With the list I can determine the approximate number required, therefore enabling me to give a costing in various scenario's.

Once I have a list complete I will then give a time period/turnaround to the caps being available, probably 4-6 months.

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