Hi new member
Just joined the club  mainly to get bits for my 14/6 but also to get some tips on how to make things work on it. So far its all going well . 
Plan to do a few shows and a few road tours up the coast of suffolk and norfolk, not to many hills. 
Like to know if many members use their cars regularly, Mine seems fairly practical as it keeps with traffic , well not on motorways and has fair lighting ( I use motorcyles as transport mostly and these are mainly 1940 so the car lights seem amazing).
Well I'm suffolk based just north of Ipswich so if anyone is passing , kettles allways on , got tools and limited knowledge if required hope to meet some of you 
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Hi Gary,
All the best with your "new" J. It took me years to find a 1946 model J here in NZ but I eventually found one and restored her. As this was the first of the post war manufactured Js she has the austere door cards, etc that symbolise that era.
Personally I was conceived, manufactured and registered in England in 1946 so to find a car of the same "heritage" was perfect.
Can you post a photo of your J?
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