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Radiator Badge - DaveD - 07/08/2015

Clutching at straws probably, but has anyone got an enamelled grill badge for 1938/9 10/12, in reasonable condition, that they might be prepared to part with ?!
(In exchange for a suitably appropriate quantity of beer vouchers of course !)
Many thanks,

RE: Radiator Badge - Chas - 10/08/2015

Sorry mate, I don't drink beer.

RE: Radiator Badge - DaveD - 10/08/2015

Greetings Chas, you are back from holiday then ?!


RE: Radiator Badge - neilyboy - 10/08/2015

I may have a spare one for a 1948 14 would that be the same as you are looking for

RE: Radiator Badge - DaveD - 10/08/2015

Hello Neil, it is the red and blue enamelled one I am looking for. I think the post war 10/12/14s all had plain chrome badges as far as I know but if you do have an enamelled one by any chance, I would be very interested !

RE: Radiator Badge - Tom Evans - 11/08/2015

I was lucky and found one on ebay and only paid about a fiver for it. It didn't match the profile of my grill but with a bit of gentle persuasion I got it in shape, I then cleaned it with a wire brush, got my daughter to enamel it with some nail varnish and finished with some clear lacquer, maybe not perfect but I think it looks okay.

RE: Radiator Badge - DaveD - 12/08/2015

Hello Tom, that looks very good, your daughter made a good job of that !
I might give it a try. I have an all chrome one as an option, but would prefer to keep it looking as original as possible.

RE: Radiator Badge - neilyboy - 12/08/2015

sorry not had the time to look yet busy getting escort ready for mot but what I have is not as the one in Tom's pic.

RE: Radiator Badge - DaveD - 13/08/2015

Thanks anyway.