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J type 14HP suspension part - Gary Bainbridge - 01/08/2017

I am looking for a part to fix a front axel on 1946 J type 14HP
Its the metal tube which fits over the Torsion bar on the front drivers side axel.
This part or full axel considered.  Please call the chap who is doing the work for me as he know the actually part as the car is currently 60 miles from me and hes sorting it out while im away.

Paul 01526 345408

Many thanks in advance

RE: J type 14HP suspension part - Mike Swanton - 29/08/2017

Hi Gary,
I've been off line for a month but I find your message may not have been answered. Did you get a satisfactory answer? It sounds to me that your problem is in the torsion bar that bolts on to the knee action front suspension. Now that part does fail sometimes but be careful when removing or replacing the unit. There is lots of power inside that unit and you must take the pressure off before doing anything else.
Have you found a replacement part?
Mike Swanton

RE: J type 14HP suspension part - Gary Bainbridge - 18/10/2017

Hi Mike
I have since moved the car onto the chap who was working on it as it was only sourced to save it and the chaps given it a good home, I will call Paul and see if hes managed to find a part yet.