The Club covers all Vauxhall cars and car-derived Bedford commercial vehicles eg. vans and pick-ups from the first five horse-power car built in 1903 to the E Type Wyvern, Velox and Cresta models which ceased production in 1957. The period was chosen to include all cars built with the famous flutes on the bonnet. Some later models had the flutes elsewhere.


Formed in 1976, the Club is a non-profit making organisation run by and for the members of which there are approximately 400, many of them abroad.

The aims of the Club are to further interest in the preservation, history and active use of the older Vauxhalls and to provide a medium for communication on these subjects.


Each major range from the twenties onwards has a Mentor providing specialist advice and a Spares Co-ordinator helps to keep historic Vauxhalls on the road.


The Club publishes a monthly magazine Flute News, a Register of all known surviving Vauxhalls within the age range and a Membership list. There is a Library service providing original or photocopy workshop manuals, driver's handbooks etc.

The Club is an enthusiastic member of the Vauxhall Bedford Opel Association which is supported by Vauxhall Motors Ltd, and we have an excellent working relationship with Vauxhall's Heritage operation at Luton.


Access to technical and legislative matters is maintained through membership of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.